Saturday, 6 April 2013

. Hello Crazies! .

After months of procrastination we're finally getting started on our crazy little idea. We're two sisters who are obsessed with all things fashion and beauty related. Now, we don't claim to be experts so this blog will simply be an extension of who we are. It will not only contain fashion posts but also bits and bobs of our lives. This is also a cheeky little way of spending more time together as we both are Power Rangers... just kidding .. we just get too caught up in our lives. Hope you guys enjoy what we put up!!  :)

Thats us!! Janvi on the left and Gunjan on the right.



  1. absolutely love the concept of the blog by two sisters :) looking forward to the posts. All the very best!

  2. Thank you Ashy! We appreciate the support! :)
    Much love