Friday, 12 April 2013

. Casual Fridays .

Hello there!
Hope you guys are doing very well!
So we decided to that our next post should be an everyday wear/casual post and something that is slightly less fancy.

Janvi's Outfit :

I'm wearing a top with tiny polka dotes and flared sleeves. I personally really really love the accessories I've paired the outfit with. This outfit is very casual and can be worn anywhere. A fun tip to keep in mind while shopping clothes is that it's better if you pick up pieces that can be dressed up as well as dressed down (unless you're looking occasion based clothing). A single piece of clothing can give a wide variety of combination for outfits of different kinds.

Janvi is wearing :
  • Flared sleeve top - Cotton World
  • Jeans - Pantaloons
  • Ring, Black beaded bracelet - Karigar
  • Charm bracelet - Gifted
  • Black flat pumps - Max
  • Purse - Gifted

Gunjan's outfit:

This outfit is probably one of my most favourite combinations ever. It has a whole play of contrasting elements and that really helps to make an outfit unique. More than the clothes its the accessories that excite me this time. The reason being that the three absolute favourites of mine in this outfit (the aviators, the silver kada and the simple white bead chain (here worn as a bracelet)) happen to belong to someone else. The aviators were my father's and he bought them when he first got commissioned as an army officer, so this pair happens to be over 25 years old. The silver kada belongs to my mother, who bought it from Rajasthan. Over the years we both have misplaced this kada so many times, but it has somehow always managed to find its way back to us. The third accessory happens to belong to my grandmother and I have seen this around her neck ever since I was puny little kid. Couple of years ago she gave it to me and even though its an inexpensive piece of jewellery I will always cherish it. :) 
Moving on to the clothes, my outfit is very versatile. The shirt itself can be worn in a couple of styles as displayed below. The gold knotted sandals are an outright contrast to the rest of the outfit but that's what adds to the charm ladies!

Gunjan is wearing:
  • Blue shirt - Thrifted (Janpath, New Delhi)
  • Black lace inner - Code (Marks and Spencer)
  • Black Jeans - Thrifted (Linking Road, Bandra)
  • Gold knotted sandals - Westside
  • Leopard print statement ring - Karigar
  • Aviators, silver kada, white beaded necklace - Gifted and borrowed ;) 


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Hope you enjoyed the post. 
Much love

Saturday, 6 April 2013

. Glam it Up .

We both love our trends but don't follow them blindly. We tend to put our own twist to it cause that's just how we roll. ..LOL..not really..but you get the gist. 
This outfit post (being our first) we decided to keep it simple!

Janvi's outfit :

I took the plain old boring striped top and glammed it up with a asymmetric skirt and a pair of wedges. I really love the combination and it is a perfect outfit for a dinner date or an evening out with friends. To make this outfit more interesting a bright colored clutch or even a pair of bright drop earrings can be worn.

Janvi is wearing:
  • Striped top - Thrifted (Linking Road, Bandra)
  • Asymmetric skirt - Ginger
  • Black bow wedges - Tresmode
  • Earrings and bracelet - Thrifted (Hill Road, Bandra)
  • Brown sling bag - Pushkar leather market (Puskhar, Rajasthan)

Gunjan's outfit:

I bought this skirt years ago from Sarojini Market, New Delhi and it has been lying in my closet ever since, so I decided it was time for an outing for this adorable piece. I'm wearing this with a coral-y pink lace collared top along with flat pumps in tan to add brightness to the outfit. This can be dressed up with tan/brown pair of heels. Furthermore, I'm carrying a rainbow clutch to add a touch of contrast and I've kept the accessories fairly simple. Its your quintessential 'day' outfit and it can worn for a brunch with your someone special or a trip to the movies.

Gunjan is wearing:
  • Lace collared top - Max
  • Sequined paisley skirt - Thrifted (Sarojni Market, Delhi)
  • Flat pumps in tan - Max
  • Rainbow clutch -  Gifted
  • Accessories - Thrifted

Much love!

. Hello Crazies! .

After months of procrastination we're finally getting started on our crazy little idea. We're two sisters who are obsessed with all things fashion and beauty related. Now, we don't claim to be experts so this blog will simply be an extension of who we are. It will not only contain fashion posts but also bits and bobs of our lives. This is also a cheeky little way of spending more time together as we both are Power Rangers... just kidding .. we just get too caught up in our lives. Hope you guys enjoy what we put up!!  :)

Thats us!! Janvi on the left and Gunjan on the right.