Thursday, 15 August 2013

.Denim Dreams.

Hey guys!!
Hope your week is treating you fabulously! Here's a mid-week treat for you guys! :)

Denims Denims Denims!! Denims are versatile, they're tough, durable, easy to work with, fashionable, warm, the list is endless! Originally worn by workers, they traveled from cowboy movies to casual wear worn by soldiers during the World War II. During the 1950's denims acted as a sign of rebellion and it was the 1980's when the jeans finally made it's breakthrough into high street clothing. Designers like Gucci started manufacturing jeans. Different types and styles of jeans were created, the flares were dropped and in came the super skinny jeans, acid washes and little Denim jackets. Denim really has taken the fashion industry by storm and are here to stay.

Janvi's Outfit:
Denims particularly jeans always stay in fashion. But recently denims used in other clothing as shirts, skirts etc have made a comeback in fashion. Denims are very versatile and can be worn for every occasion. This denim shirt can also be worn as a jacket or a blazer. To add that extra bit to your outfit you can add a trendy necklace or you can put your hair in a bun and add chandelier earrings.

Janvi is wearing:
Aztec denim shirt (Thrifted) - Topman
Jeans - Pantaloons
Spiked black ballet flats- Ginger
Spiked black and gold necklace (Thrifted) - Colaba Causeway
Watch (Thrifted) - Colaba Causeway
Crossbody bag with gold hardware - Rhysetta
Sunglasses (Thrifted) - Colaba Causeway
Gunjan's Outfit:

Denim shirts are the latest trend to take the world of the fashion by storm. You can see them everywhere these days. They're affordable and very very easy to style. Pair them with leggings, jeans or jeggings ( best of both worlds ;) ). Here, I have paired the shirt with pale pink jeans to create a sort of contrast. I'm not the biggest fan of colour coordinating my outfits and accessories..contrast is the key! Unless we're talking about black, then I'm the complete opposite.

Gunjan is wearing:
Denim shirt (Thrifted) - American Eagle
Pale pink jeans (Thrifted) - Linking road, Bandra
Brown ballet flats - Ginger
Sling bag - Forever New
Watch (Thrifted) - Colaba Causeway
Earrings- Tribal Zone
Arm bands (Thrifted) - Colaba Causeway

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!!


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CheersMuch love,

Sunday, 4 August 2013

. Monochrome Madness .

Hey guys!

Hope you guys are doing well and are thoroughly enjoying the monsoons! We know we've been ignoring Sister Mash, its been a crazy couple of months. *obligatory apology inserted here*
So one of the most popular trends this season are the monochromatic styles. They are easy to style and are extremely flattering to any body type. Monochromatic clothing doesn't only mean pairing black with white but bold colors. Summertime monochrome calls for hot pinks, minty greens and primary blues. Of course, all-white or pastels are always an option, with hints of ivory or cream to streamline your ensemble. Though in our post we've stuck to the traditional black and white. Leave us a message on if you want to see more variations of this look! 

Janvi's Outfit:

I'm in love with this look!!! AHHHHHH. I am pretty sure that most of you must have noticed that I tend to gravitate toward monochromatic styles. I believe in the philosophy that less is more. The monochrome trend is very IN this season.  I am in love with this outfit. It is a very chic and classy option. I would probably wear this outfit to a night out. To tone the outfit down, the heels can be replaced with sporty converse or a pair of thong sandals. 

Janvi is wearing:
  • White lace peplum top - Ginger
  • Black jeans - Pantaloons
  • Brown pumps - Tresmode 
  • Watch - Colaba Causeway
  • Blue bracelet - Colaba Causeway 
Gunjan's Outfit:
So basically whenever I plan to go out I invariably end up wearing black. So this style is right up my alley. Since my ensemble is all black, I've tried to break monotony with the gold spiked necklace and the nude heels. Swap the heels with gold flats and the necklace with a bright scarf to dress down this look. In terms of make up, I don't have a lot on but to avoid looking washed out I went with red lips. A dash of a bold lipstick really help in pulling a look like this together.

Gunjan is wearing:
  • Black Jeans - Linking Road, Bandra
  • Black beaded top - Sarojini , Delhi
  • Nude heels - Paprika
  • Studded necklace - Colaba Causeway
Share your pictures with us of your monochromatic outfits on Facebook! Hope you enjoyed the post. 
Much love,