Monday, 10 February 2014


Hey guys!
2014 is in full swing and as we uncover the fashion trends there is no way we can ignore the camouflage or the camo. Its been around for years, never fully disappearing. Infact, Vogue magazine picked up on the use of camo print in terms of fashion as early as 1943. There is a sort of love-hate relationship with this print. Its either the flavour of the month or the ultimate fashion faux-pas. Even though the print has a masculine and tough vibe, it totally works for both men and women. It is now being in re-interpreted at a large scale, getting a modernised and chic make over. Its a rough-and-tumble situation with the fashion addicts of the world putting their own crazy spin to this trend.

Camo is the perfect way to give an outfit a little edginess. But it can be tricky to style if you're just jumping on the bandwagon. My main tip would be to start small. Let the print be only one part in your outfit. I've paired my shorts with a black sweater and black boots. To bring a little extra to the outfit I put on my teal socks and pulled them enough to just show a peek of colour. A very comfortable and versatile outfit, you can wear this anywhere you fancy!

Outfit Details:
Black Sweater - Forever 21
Camo Shorts - Thrifted (Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi)
Black Boots -  Forever 21
Teal Socks - Cotton World
Aviators - Ray-Ban

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