Tuesday, 7 May 2013

. Maxi Love .

Hi guys!
How have you been. Hope you are doing well. Sorry we've been M.I.A, it's just been a crazy month filled with lots of travelling and well sadly, sickness. Really sorry for the delayed post.

Maxi dresses are one of the MOST comfortable pieces of clothing that you will ever find. The trend of maxi dresses actually started way back in the '60s, by reputed designer Oscar De La Renta who designed a beautiful full length cotton lace dress for the Elizabeth Arden salon. It became a fashion phenomenon after this. The '60s movie Dr. Zhivago is also responsible for the maxi gaining popularity amongst the masses. The leading designers of the '70s such as Dior, YSL, Cardin, all created their signature maxi styles. Even though the popularity of  maxi dresses went down in the '80s (replaced by ra ra skirts and other trends) they were back in action by the mid 90s and the trend has been around ever since. 

How to style the maxi:
As maxis are now longer than ever be sure that your dresses fall to the perfect spot – never wear a dress that trails on the ground – if you are wearing flats the hem should fall to your anklebone, not below.
It’s a myth that shorter girls can’t wear maxis, but it is wise for petite girls to choose more tailored silhouettes as dresses that are both long and billowing will simply swamp a smaller figure.
Maxi dresses also suit women of all body types. Curvy, skinny or anything in between maxi dresses will make you look beautiful and graceful. Our outfit's are minimally accessorized as we didn't want to take attention away from the maxi.

Janvi's Outfit:

Janvi is wearing:
  • Zebra print maxi dress - Thrifted
  • Silver chappals - Thrifted (Coloba Causeway)
  • Necklace - Thrifted
  • Bracelet - Thrifted

Gunjan's Outfit:

Gunjan is wearing:
  • Printed maxi dress: Thrifted
  • Tan strappy sandals - Thrifted (Hill road, Bandra)
  • Ring - Pantaloons

Hope you enjoyed the post. 
Much love


  1. Loved it! I think its time for me to get a maxi now :)

  2. Thanks Neha! You definitely should get one. Its a lovely piece of clothing! :)

  3. Gorgeous even I need to buy one..!!!;D

  4. Thank you soo much Aditi!!.. You definitely should! :D